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Two indicted for dealing ecstasy

 Indianapolis, Dec. 16 - David Starks is accused of purchasing ecstasy from Europe, hiding the mood-altering drug in electric scooters and dealing ecstasy while his three young kids sat in his car.

Now, Starks sits behind bars.

Authorities say he purchased and sold over 4,000 ecstasy pills. Investigators say Starks had the drugs shipped from Poland.

The ecstasy was allegedly placed in hallowed out batteries in electric scooters.

Marion County Sheriff's Lt. Phil Burton says, "We know one time, we know he did receive delivery of a scooter and from that point we found the batteries that were hallowed out as well as the ecstasy."

Gerald Rachell was also indicted for drug dealing, possession and handgun charges. Authorities say he was Starks' bodyguard.

Investigators say some of the drugs were purchased while Starks' three young children sat in his car.

If convicted on all charges, Starks and Rachell could get 15 to 20 years in federal prison.

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