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Ecstasy may be deadly

 Ecstasy is a dangerous drug that has become more popular among high school students in the last few years.

The slang terms for Ecstasy are commonly known as: MDMA, Adam, Bean, E, M, Roll, X, and XTC. But the full name is methylenedioxy-methamphetamine.

Ecstasy is not always what it seems.

Since Ecstasy is illegal it is often produced in makeshift laboratories, making it impossible to know exactly what chemicals are used to produce it and where it is being produced.

Ecstasy is a dangerous synthetic drug with hallucinogenic properties that is typically in pill form and ingested orally, but it is also snorted or smoked.

The damage of Ecstasy includes risks of developing permanent brain damage, memory loss, sensory impairment, anxiety, and other disorders.

As a stimulate to the cardiovascular and central nervous system, there is extra risk for those people with circulatory problems or heart disease because the drug increases heart rate and blood pressure.

The drug is popular among those who attend "rave parties," which are all-night dance parties, night clubs and concerts. Ecstasy is popular in venues of dancing because the drug's stimulant effect allows the user to dance for long periods of time. However, the risk of dehydration, hyperthermia, and heart or kidney failure increase while dancing for long periods of time.

The combination of crowded all-night dance parties and Ecstacy use has been reported to cause fatalities.

"Ecstasy is so stupid. I will never understand why someone would take such a risk with their lives just to feel high," said Michigan City High School junior, Jon Lewis.

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