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Ecstasy. a dangerous smile

 I am 19
I have been a casual chemical drug user off and on for the last 4 years, using ecstacy, special k, speed, marijuana.
i have always had a mild problem with speed. but those habits stopped a few months ago.
I thought i knew all there was to know..

A few months back a friend gave me an ecstacy pill..
i took it..within 30 minutes i had ran into my bed shivering, covered in cold sweats and really hearing faded and the ringing in my ears overtook everything..i thought i was going to die or have to go to a mental was just a complete explosion of uncomfortable fear..being a drug taker for so long and having never had a bad experience I thought it would never happen to me I was utterly terrified it took two hours for me to come bed was covered in sweat and it left me feeling unsure and scared that the fact I'd watched people skitz out before on drugs..I never knew it would be so unbelievably uncomfortable and terrifying...these sorts of experiences are life threatening as they split the body and mind friends still call me a pussy for yelling at them and locking myself in my room, but it taught me a valuable lesson..
these chemicals are man made and they aren't designed in any safe way..they can kill or mentally wound and once you put it down your throat you better hope its pleasent..cause i discovered that you can tell when you are having a bad trip it is painfully easy to work out..
Be Careful! for the good of all...:)

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